PVC ID Card Tray For InkJet Printer Used For Epson L800, L805, L810, L850, R280, R290, T50, T60, P50, P60 Printing Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

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About the item

The card tray for Printer Epson L800 L810 L805 T50 T60 P50 R280 R290 and ect and more helps with your ID printing needs.The tray fits standard pvc cards,and you can print two cards at the same time.Pirnt ID cards for your company or organization,will cheaper than thermal printers.Use our special blank cards made for inkjet printing and make you IDs look great!

1.Use this id card tray in place of CD/DVD on these printers: Epson inkjet printer.
2.There are slots for two cards to be printed at the same time.
3.You can print any ID card you imagine or create!
4.The tray fits standard pvc cards but make sure you only use special pvc cards.
5.The inkjet PVC card tray works with the Epson printers.
6.With Dye ink or pigment ink, it makes your printer life last longer.


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