Bank Grade Money Counter Machine Mixed Denomination, Value Counting, Serial Number, Multi Currency, 2CIS/UV/IR/MG/MT Counterfeit Detection, Printer Enabled Bill Value Counter for Small Business

Sh 1,500,000 Sh 1,750,000 Sale
Manufacturer MUNBYN
Item Weight 7.5 kg
Product Dimensions 245 x 270 x 288 mm
Stacker Capability 200 bills
DETECTION UV, (Ultraviolet)  MG(Magnet), MT(Magnetic thread) IMage
Material Type Steel
Expansion 10.2 Inches (25.9 cm)
Counting speed 800/1000notes/min for SDC & MDC mode
interface USB, RS-232, RJ-11
POWER AC 100-240V


  • Mix value Counting of Mult Currency
  • Auto currency identification
  • Counterfeit Detection, image, magnet, infrared, ultraviolet
  • Error detection  Double note detection, half note detection, chain note detection
  • Serial numbers reading
  • Available currencies select TSH, USD,EUR,GBP,RUB,CHF,MOP,THB,CAD,HKD,JPY,KBW,THB,SGD,…up to 60
  • Options Customer Display /  Thermal Printer/ PC connection
  • Interface RS-232, USB, RJ-11
  • Multi language interface
  • Touch panel and Big size tft display

Multi-Currency Value Counter, Offer Reliability, Accuracy and Speed for Bussiness Owners


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